New Harvest Church of God

During the early 1900s, the Lord gave a vision for a small band of believers to assemble themselves as a local fellowship of the Church of God Reformation Movement. They met together at 1100 17th Street (Tuscaloosa, AL). An official recording of the church was done in 1913 at the Tuscaloosa County Court House.

The church has been shepherded by five previous pastors and the current pastor: L.C. Levert, Johnny Williams, John Sapp, Sr., Lindsey Shelton, Elizabeth Jackson, and Anderson Walker. The church was initially identified as the Seventeenth Street Church of God; however, that name was changed by regulations of the local and federal entities to Parkview Church of God.

Dr. Elizabeth Jackson was the only female to pastor the congregation and she had the longest tenure of 50 years. During her tenure, the church grew and many tangible blessings were yielded as a result of faithfulness, prayers, and unity of the spirit. After the former worship structure was renovated, a new structure was erected (and additions were made). Dr. Jackson retired from her pastorate on the last Sunday of January 2003. Effective the first Sunday of February 2003, Anderson Walker became the sixth pastor of the congregation.

Pastor Anderson Walker continues to serve the church congregation today. Soon after he began leadership, he shared a vision of a new and larger edifice. The congregation’s attendance merited additional accommodations and a plan was implemented to build. The former building and its site was sold to construct a new edifice.

As the congregation continues to grow, the church endeavors to seek and to save that which is lost. We believe that God is able to perform exceedingly, abundantly, above, all that we could ask or think – according to the power that is active in us. To God be the glory!